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Shoemaker Industrial Solutions has been in the electric motor repair business for more than 75 years. Since 1938, we have expanded into other industrial markets by utilizing the latest technology to provide our customers with the premium quality repair services they deserve.

Shoemaker Industrial Solutions also provides innovative custom engineered systems and a full range of predictive maintenance services including: Vibration Analysis,  Advanced Winding Analysis, Infrared Inspection Services and Ultrasonic Inspection Services.   

We also offer a wide range of new products so that we can fully support our customers.  We stock WEG Electric NEMA and Metric motors, as well as WEG Motor Starters up through 50 HP @ 480 Volts. 

If you have any questions about our products or services, please contact us: 
614-294-5626 / 800-848-5566 or at  email address
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Shoemaker Industrial Solutions is a valued partner to many of the largest and most respected industrial companies in central Ohio.